Preventative Dentistry

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    Check-ups & Cleanings

    A lifetime of healthy smiles starts by taking preventative measures, such as regular check-ups and dental cleanings. Dr. Jillian suggests conducting these appointments beginning at the time of first tooth eruption or by age one and every six months to ensure that your child’s teeth stay as healthy as they should. These check-ups and cleanings allow us to monitor the development of their teeth and take preventative measures to protect their teeth from harmful materials they will encounter. In these appointments, we will teach your child how to properly take care of his or her smile from baby teeth and beyond. Do not hesitate to give us a call to find out more information about our oral cleaning services and checkups.

    Fluoride Treatment

    Along with regular check-ups and cleanings, pediatric fluoride treatment is an effective way to prevent cavities and tooth decay. At Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry, we use fluoride to protect your child’s enamel, which is the first layer of protection for teeth against cavities. Dr. Jillian may suggest that your child uses fluoride-based toothpaste to complement this treatment, which helps remineralize teeth that might have been damaged by certain foods. For additional information on fluoride treatment and cavity prevention, please call our office.

    Tooth Decay Prevention

    At Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry, we promote pediatric tooth decay prevention whenever possible. We take several steps to prevent cavities and decay. This includes using fluoride treatments to help fortify weak enamel and administering deep cleanings to help remove any pockets of bacteria that might be hiding between your child’s teeth. We will also teach your child how to practice healthy dental habits. These are just a few of the preventative steps we take to ensure that your child’s smile is as healthy as it can be. Dr. Jillian would be happy to discuss tooth decay prevention with you further during your child’s first appointment.

    Dental Sealants

    Our pediatric dental team’s efforts can help ensure your child’s oral health stays in good condition. Still, the danger of cavities is always there, which is why Dr. Jillian may suggest dental sealants for your child. Dental sealants are applied directly to the teeth as an effective way to seal out tooth decay. Sealants are normally applied to adult molars because these teeth can be hard to reach. The sealants are usually made of a liquid plastic that is applied over the prepared teeth. It is carefully painted by Dr. Jillian, who is very experienced with sealants. The material may be left to harden or will be exposed to a certain spectrum of light, which aids in hardening the substance.

    Oral Cancer Screenings

    At Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is to provide high quality dental care for children in every way that we can. Providing comprehensive exams and screenings, like oral cancer screenings, are part of reaching this goal. Oral cancer can develop due to several factors, such as genetics, diet and environment. This disease can often go untreated due to the fact that many of the symptoms associated with oral cancer can be overlooked. For example, you may think a sore throat is just a sign of a common cold rather than oral cancer. We recommend getting regular oral cancer screenings in our office and notifying us immediately if your child begins experiencing pain or discomfort in their mouth.


    There are several reasons Dr. Jillian might recommend a mouthguard for your child. The first is if your child actively participates in sports. Participating in this type of physical activity could lead to dental injuries without the proper protection. One dental injury, like a cracked or knocked-out tooth, can put your child at risk of cavities, tooth decay or even permanent tooth loss.

    Mouthguards also play a major role in teeth grinding prevention. Grinding teeth can lead to many oral health issues, such as tooth sensitivity, because it can wear down the enamel on your child’s teeth and leave them unprotected. Our goal is to provide as much teeth protection as possible. Suggesting mouthguards is just one more tool that our pediatric dental team uses to keep your child’s smile healthy.

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