Comfort Dentistry

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    Sedation Dentistry

    Sedation Dentistry may be used when a child must undergo an invasive procedure that can be painful and/or stressful. Sedation is different than general anesthesia. It encourages peace of mind, which is the reason it is sometimes described as comfort dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows your child to relax and remain still during treatment. The most common sedation type used with children is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Depending on the procedure, Dr. Jillian may suggest another sedation method, such as an oral sedative or an IV sedative.

    Prior to using sedatives for your child, we will do a thorough medical history check and ask a series of questions to ensure that he or she is not going to react negatively.

    General Anesthesia

    The goal of a pediatric dentistry is to provide a safe environment for children to receive dental care. Our training, experience, and office atmosphere revolves around your child’s safety. One of the tools we use to increase safety and comfort at Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry is general anesthesia.

    Certain procedures require a child to be as still as possible. This may be due to the types of tools Dr. Jillian will be using, which could injure a child should he or she move too much during a treatment. Prior to using anesthesia on your child, we will do a thorough medical history check and ask a series of questions to reduce the chances of the anesthesia having an adverse affect on your child.

    Hospital Dentistry

    We offer hospital dentistry at Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry because we understand that emergencies can happen. There are many oral issues that require immediate attention, such as:

    • A chipped or cracked tooth
    • Pain due to cavities or gingivitis
    • Inflammation due to an oral infection
    • An avulsed tooth
    • Cavities affecting most of the teeth

    For emergencies regarding pain or inflammation, we may prescribe an antibiotic to aid in healing. For more severe emergencies, such as a dental injury from playing a contact sport, we will want to tend to the teeth right away. Dr. Jillian can help children remain calm and feel taken care of during their dental-related emergency. Dr. Jillian will work hard to return your child’s smile to its natural beauty.

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